032 Run for the Whales - RandyHI

Thanks to everyone who turned out for this event!

Images are uploaded now. 

Indexing has begun. Once indexing is complete, you will be able to find your photos simply by typing your name in the search window.

In the meantime you can find your photos by adding your event's start time to your event time.

For those who purchased VIP accounts -- THANK YOU!  I will set up your gallery and notify you ASAP -- almost for sure before the weekend.

For those who did NOT purchase a VIP account, please reconsider -- it is a fantastic deal! The savings offered by the VIP shopping cart compared to the regular shopping cart is HUGE. Even if you only want to buy one 8x10 print the VIP way is less expensive, you avoid the 7-day proof delay, the proofs are cropped and edited and you save shipping and handling.